#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 25-28: JavaScript Introduction
Lecture: Further study

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0:00 Further study.
0:04 If you're still feeling very new, there's this link
0:07 where you have a nice interactive page
0:09 to learn JavaScript in 14 minutes.
0:12 It's nice to go through, even if it's just a refresher.
0:17 The W3Schools JS tutorial is very easy to follow
0:22 and there are a lot of practical examples
0:23 that you can try in a browser.
0:26 As I always recommend, you learn by example
0:29 that's the reason I really like t try in a browser.
0:32 Examples.
0:35 The Mozilla developer documentation is a great way
0:38 to read through and learn more JavaScript.
0:43 Then for books, I can recommend three.
0:47 There's this series, You Don't Know JavaScript
0:50 by Kyle Simpson.
0:52 He has seven or six editions and they're pretty small each
0:57 and explain the concepts very well.
1:00 As JavaScript has some amazing parts but also
1:03 those we discussed in our last video
1:06 JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford
1:09 is a great book to further familiarize with
1:13 the good, the bad and the ugly and it's pretty small
1:15 I think around 100 pages.
1:19 To go more in depth, not only JavaScript
1:21 but programming overall
1:22 I can really recommend Eloquent JavaScript.
1:26 It explains concepts very well and goes beyond the basics
1:30 and teaches you how you order functions
1:32 acing programming, a lot about the DOM and web programming
1:36 and has a lot of exercises with hints and solutions
1:39 and fully-Flash projects you can code alone.
1:44 Now next you probably want to look into one
1:46 or more specializations, so you've got node.js
1:49 for to server-side, you've got typescript if you want
1:53 to learn how to write JavaScript using static typing.
1:58 Then the next logical step will be to look into
2:01 one or more frameworks.
2:02 You've got, of course, jQuery
2:04 which has been around forever.
2:06 I mean, I used it quite a lot, like eight years ago.
2:11 But since then, we have Angular, React, and Vue.JS.
2:16 Later in the course, you will learn about React
2:19 and Vue.JS, so we've got you covered.
2:22 Lastly, it's important to see if your browser
2:26 supports the newer features, like arrow functions
2:30 and default arguments I touched upon in this lesson.
2:34 And you can go to caniuse.com and enter the feature
2:39 that you want to use and you get a nice matrix of browsers
2:44 and versions that support that feature.
2:47 So make sure you check out that website when you implement
2:50 more modern JavaScript.
2:53 And this concludes the JavaScript lessons of Day 3.
2:57 For tomorrow, Day 4, I've got two exciting projects
3:01 lined up for you, so you can put into practice
3:03 what you learned throughout this lesson.
3:06 See you tomorrow.