#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 25-28: JavaScript Introduction
Lecture: History and why JavaScript

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0:01 Sure Python is hot but look at JavaScript.
0:05 It's the number one language used
0:07 right alongside HTML,CSS not a coincidence
0:12 because those are the three languages used for the web.
0:17 Python has risen in the ranks
0:20 and it's has a solid claim to being
0:22 the fastest growing major programming language.
0:24 And this course is all about Python
0:26 and that's great.
0:27 But for this sixth year in a row
0:31 JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language.
0:35 And I got this from Stack Overflow.
0:38 So you're really wants to learn JavaScript.
0:41 A bit of history.
0:44 I found this nice infographic from checkmarks.com.
0:49 And we see that JavaScript was invented in 95 at Netscape.
0:56 It was not until 2005 that we saw a big boom
1:00 And that was because there was a new invention
1:03 and it was called Ajax.
1:05 You probably have heard of Ajax
1:07 it made it possible to do stuff interactively on the web
1:10 without refreshing the page.
1:13 We also saw frameworks popping up like jQuery.
1:16 That's actually how I used most of my JavaScript.
1:19 Since then JavaScript is booming.
1:22 And you see in 2016
1:24 92% of all websites use JavaScript.
1:28 And of course you all use JavaScript
1:31 taking your Facebook feed, Gmail, Twitter
1:34 and all the major websites you use
1:37 all those nice UI effects
1:39 that's all JavaScript.
1:41 So again, why JavaScript?
1:43 Well, it's the language of the web.
1:45 If you aspire to become full stack developer
1:48 and doing any web development
1:49 you cannot escape JavaScript.
1:52 And yes it definitely has some design flaws
1:55 but being adopted by all major web browsers
1:58 it definitely its something right.
2:00 JavaScript is also labeled lightweight
2:03 its high level, weakly tight
2:05 and it's considered relatively easy to write programs in.
2:09 And actually it's getting a lot better.
2:12 Since the ES6 or ECMAScript 6 the JavaScript standard
2:17 the language has made major improvements
2:20 introducing more concise syntax.
2:22 And we'll see some of them later on in this lesson.
2:26 And again it's really cool and useful.
2:29 So looking at the docs at developer.mozilla.org
2:32 I found this quote
2:34 saying that all these cool effects you see in your browser
2:37 like animations, graphics you name it
2:41 it all has JavaScript behind it.
2:43 One important distinction is
2:46 what is called Vanilla JavaScript.
2:48 And it's the JavaScript that's not
2:50 extended by any frameworks or additional libraries.
2:54 And that's what we're going to focus on
2:55 in the coming four days pure JavaScript.
2:59 But don't worry you will also get
3:00 to play with two frameworks in this course.
3:02 later chapters will introduce you to react and Vue js.
3:07 Okay now it's time to start introducing you
3:09 to the basic syntax of the language
3:11 so you can start writing your own JavaScript programs.