#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 25-28: JavaScript Introduction
Lecture: 4 day plan

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0:01 Let's look at the plan for the coming four days.
0:03 In the first nine videos, you're going to see me explain
0:06 the history of JavaScript, how to run it
0:08 and some fundamental building blocks of the language.
0:12 Then in video ten, I will present you with
0:14 four optional exercises to help the concepts sink in.
0:19 Then for day three
0:20 we dive into a very fundamental aspect
0:24 of working with JavaScript
0:25 which is the DOM or Document Object Model.
0:29 I have a simple website with a bunch of quotes
0:32 which we're going to manipulate using JavaScript.
0:36 Then for day four, I got two projects for you
0:39 that you should be able to code
0:41 with the concepts you have been learning
0:43 throughout the lesson.
0:44 It's a simple calculator and a calorie counter.
0:48 In the checkout go to Days, Day 25.
0:55 And in the demo folder, you have all the materials.
0:59 So you got the language building blocks
1:01 including the four exercises
1:03 that will point you to on day two.
1:06 You have the demo you're going to use for the DOM lesson
1:10 and the two projects.
1:12 Let me show them to you.
1:17 First of all, simple calculator
1:19 which drives home what you will learn
1:21 about the Document Object Model.
1:27 Because it's going to grab the values
1:28 you need to input fields and a operator
1:32 that's going to handle a button click, calculator result
1:35 and bounce that back to a div.
1:43 It will handle some edge cases
1:48 and change the styling accordingly.
1:54 And the final project is the calorie tracker.
1:59 I have some artyom complete code
2:00 that will be provided from the start.
2:02 and it will work like this.
2:11 I loaded in some foods from McDonald's
2:14 and I should add them.
2:15 It counts up to calories.
2:16 You're consuming.
2:22 You can also remove them by clicking on the X.
2:27 And the total count adjusts accordingly.
2:31 When there's nothing left
2:33 the whole diff will hide.
2:35 So apart from the exercise
2:36 there's two fun projects
2:38 you should be able to work on on day four:
2:43 a simple calculator and a calorie tracker
2:46 using McDonald's calorie data.