#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 21-24: Async Flask APIs with Quart
Lecture: Your turn: Day 4 - Async Flask conversion

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0:00 Here we are in the Quart section of our GitHub repo and it's time for day four. So let's scroll through, we're already done some of the stuff.
0:08 You should be familiar with day two cause you did that. Day three was to watch all the videos and now that you're here if you watched them in order
0:15 you're done with day three. You're welcome to play around with the demos and things like that. For day four, your job is to take one of the
0:21 existing web applications based on Flask. So we'll take one of our existing web apps you could use the one that you built
0:29 when we introduced Flask and just make it a little bit slower. We talk a little bit about how you might slow down your app so there's actually some
0:37 reason to make it async. You'd never really do that but it simulates database calls, web service calls, things like that.
0:44 So then it walks you through the steps of converting from Flask to Quart and making everything async. If for some reason you don't have a Flask
0:55 web app to use, and you're like "Well I don't have an app, what am I supposed to use now?" Just take this one.
1:00 You're welcome to take this one and make it async. This is the one that we actually created during the videos, so you've already kind of seen it.
1:07 Maybe that's a good thing maybe it's not a good thing I don't know. So either take an existing Flask app
1:12 that you built in a previous part of this course or somewhere else or take this one and follow the steps here to make it slow, convert it to Quart
1:20 and you should be able to see that it scales better. It won't be any faster, but it will scale better. When you're done, be sure to share what
1:27 you accomplished. Put some sort of message out on Twitter, Facebook that's the whole idea of this 100 Days of Code is the social accountability.
1:34 So be sure to share what you're up to. And if anything's unclear you're welcome to submit an issue or even a PR to just make it better.

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