#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 21-24: Async Flask APIs with Quart
Lecture: Introducing asynchronous web programming

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0:00 Welcome to your next four days and oh my gosh, this is an amazing topic. We're going to talk about bringing asynchronous programming to the web
0:12 to web servers, and these web frameworks like Flask. So why do we care about async programming? Well it lets us take the same amount of hardware
0:20 and the same amount of processing power and CPUs and memory and all of that kind of stuff and massively scale it up.
0:27 You'll see we're going to take a simple API that we're going to create and we're going to first write it in Flask and then we're going to convert it
0:34 to this other framework called Quart which allows us to do async programming effectively in the Flask API.
0:42 When we do that we'll see that the performance should be quite a bit better. Asynchronous programming is fairly advanced
0:50 but it's an interesting topic in that modern Python and by modern I mean Python 3.5 or higher makes writing this type
0:59 of asynchronous programs ridiculously easy. It's almost exactly the same as writing regular programs. The synchronized kind that just happen in order.
1:10 The language will really help us out. So actually programming the async version of our website, no problem.
1:16 You're going to see it's quite easy, actually. However, actually understanding what's happening understanding the power and what's going on
1:24 with all of this asynchronous stuff well that is much harder. So we're going to take this topic in layers. We're going to start out by just talking
1:33 about regular asynchronous programming. Forget the web. What does asynchronous programming look like in Python? Why does it matter?
1:41 Once we understand that we're going to create our website in Flask. Something you've already studied and already have experience with.
1:46 Finally, we're then going to convert to this framework called Quart, apply our asynchronous ideas
1:53 and get better performance for exactly the same hardware. So I hope you're excited, I'm thrilled about this topic
2:00 and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. So let's get to it.

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