#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 17-20: Calling APIs in Flask
Lecture: Investigating the Poke API

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0:00 Welcome back. This time we are going to work with the Pokemon API. This one's actually pretty exciting because it's a lot of fun.
0:10 There's a lot of data for you to play with it's not just pulling some random joke from the Chuck Norris API. That was a simple response, right?
0:19 With this API, we actually get to choose what kind of data we pull out from the database and that's probably the more common scenario
0:29 you're going to face when you're using API's in your Flask cap. This is really cool because you get to choose Pokemon names
0:37 you get to choose anything you want that they have. So we'll go into the documentation's into V2 I'll show you what we're going to pull down.
0:45 We're looking at Pokemon colors and what we're going to do here is we're going to allow the user on our website to enter a certain color
0:56 and it is going to send a request, a get request after this API with that color substituted in here
1:04 as the ideal name, and then it's going to return us a list of all the Pokemon that have that color as an attribute
1:13 and then it will print that on our page. So it's a simple submit something from the user so collect that from the user, submit it to the API
1:22 return result, print it on the page. There's a couple of little steps there in Flask that we haven't covered yet
1:28 and I will spend a little bit more time on that Because we've covered the API aspect and we sort of get that.
1:34 So head onto the next video and let's get cracking.

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