#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 17-20: Calling APIs in Flask
Lecture: Your 4 day overview

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0:00 All righty, so here's the plan
0:02 for the next couple of days.
0:04 We're going to be dealing with a couple
0:05 of APIs, we're going to specifically use one
0:07 around Chuck Norris jokes
0:09 and then a second one around Pokemon.
0:12 For Day 1, you'll just be watching videos
0:14 3 till 6; that involves setting up your environment
0:17 learning about sending objects and variables
0:20 to your Flask template, and this is all
0:23 to do with the Chuck Norris API.
0:25 It's pretty simple.
0:26 Follow along as well as you can.
0:29 If you can't do the coding at the same time
0:32 because you run out of time, and that's okay
0:34 then let that flow into your Day 2.
0:36 Your Day 2 is going to be just coding.
0:40 You're not going to watch any videos
0:41 unless you're just referring back
0:43 to Videos 3 to 6.
0:45 In Day 2, you will be catching up
0:48 with the code that you may have missed on Day 1
0:50 otherwise I'd actually like you
0:52 to expand on the app.
0:53 Nice and simple, just go and create yourself a menu bar.
0:56 It's not really Flask related other than
0:59 just editing that base HTML file
1:02 which you'll learn about shortly.
1:04 If you have time on Day 2, go and check out the list
1:08 of APIs that I've got here.
1:10 It's pretty cool, there are some pretty fun ones in there.
1:13 Choose something other than Chuck Norris
1:14 or Pokemon; please don't touch those.
1:17 That's what we're using for the course
1:18 and see if you can just get some static data from there
1:22 and print it to your web page
1:23 just practicing everything you've learned.
1:25 Day 3 we're going to move
1:27 on to Videos 7 through 12.
1:28 There's quite a lot of content
1:30 so don't worry if you don't get a chance
1:31 to code unless you can keep up with the coding.
1:34 The important thing is that you just watch the videos
1:37 and learn as you go.
1:39 Day 4, continue building on Day 3.
1:42 Do the actual code now, so follow along
1:44 build the app, and this is all to do
1:47 with the Pokemon API.
1:49 I won't spill the beans yet, so you can wait till you get
1:51 to the data actually figure out what it is you're doing
1:54 and as for the remainder of Day 4, just go ahead
1:58 and follow these instructions here
2:00 put in some error checking, check out the rest
2:03 of the API Endpoints, and if you're really brave
2:06 have a go at returning more data
2:08 to the app that we created than just the Pokemon name.
2:13 See if you can get their nature
2:14 their form, their habitat, whatever else is associated
2:18 with the Pokemon.
2:19 And that's it, that's Days 1, 2, 3, and 4
2:22 of Calling APIs in Flask.
2:24 So head on over to Video 3, set up your environment
2:27 and get coding.