#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 13-16: CSS Layout and Design
Lecture: Your-turn: Day 4

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0:00 On day four, it's basically a fun little research project. So we didn't get a chance to talk about Bootstrap even though I mentioned it several times.
0:07 It turns out to be a really important front end framework in my mind, as a stand in for all the choices you could have of various front end frameworks.
0:15 So I'd like you to just take a little bit of time and imagine something, some product or service, or something
0:21 that a company you work for is creating, and you would like to have a cool website for it. So there's a site called WrapBootstrap, and the idea is
0:29 I want you to go over here and look through the themes and see what's out here, and find three themes that you
0:36 would be able to start from for building your site. So imagine, I'm over here, and these are always really impressive, and these.
0:47 You can download it and play with it, and have all these cool little live animations and so on. Anyway, go through, maybe use the categories, or just
0:55 click through the popular ones and find three that you might want to use. And the idea is, you come over here and pay $39
1:02 or come over here and pay 15, and have access to a professional looking website immediately, before
1:10 you spend hours and hours laying around trying to get something to look like you want. Much much more productive to start from one of these
1:17 and then tweak it, put in the live elements that we're going to talk about when we get to server side code things like that.
1:24 For day four, just do a little bit of experimenting go look through the themes section, find a couple that might match up with this imaginary idea
1:31 that I asked you to come up with. All right, that's it. Hopefully you enjoyed the web design section
1:37 and you feel much more confident and comfortable with CSS.

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