#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 13-16: CSS Layout and Design
Lecture: Your-turn: Day 2

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0:00 Now you're a CSS expert, it's time to get your hands dirty
0:03 and do a little bit of writing in CSS
0:05 and styling some webpages.
0:07 So you've already done day one
0:09 if you've made it this far, you've watched the videos.
0:10 That's really all we had on store for you
0:13 on that first day.
0:14 Now, for day two of this four day segment
0:17 we're going to be playing with CSS selectors.
0:20 So, you remember that selectors page
0:22 where it had the episodes from Talk Python
0:24 listed there and you could type in stuff?
0:26 So basically, the idea is to go open up that page
0:30 play with the selectors
0:31 and open the dialogue, see what's there
0:33 and just see what you can find.
0:36 Try out different things, what happens if you have a space?
0:38 What happens if you don't have a space?
0:39 What happens if you have a . or #? Things like that.
0:42 So, experiment, play around, and then
0:44 go a little further, look at the HTML source
0:47 and figure out some elements
0:49 and say, well, what selector would I have to use
0:51 to get just this item or just that item?
0:54 All right, so you can play around
0:56 and come up with a little challenge for yourself.
0:59 I'd like to select these three things, how do I do it?
1:01 So on. All right, so that's day two, play with
1:04 and understand CSS selectors.