#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 9-12: API Star
Lecture: Lesson introduction

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0:00 Hello and welcome back to
0:01 the 100 Days of Web in Python.
0:03 You're already at day nine that means
0:05 you're almost 10% in.
0:07 And this is your first lesson with me.
0:09 I'm very excited to be teaching you
0:11 and we're going to tackle an interesting
0:13 topic for the web which are APIs.
0:15 Especially building APIs with API Star.
0:18 First I do an introduction about APIs are
0:20 and why you want to use them.
0:22 Then we get some fake data from the Mockaroo service.
0:25 Because for any API you need some data, right?
0:28 Then we're going to set up the environment.
0:32 So we'll make a virtual environment.
0:34 Install API Star and Pytest for later use.
0:38 Then we're going to create the API, routes
0:41 the app server, a car class which uses
0:44 the powerful typing framework that gets us
0:47 validation and serialization outof the box.
0:49 And finally we write all the CRUD methods.
0:53 So we'll create, read, update and delete.
0:56 We test the API with a tool called Postman.
0:59 Very convenient for API development.
1:02 And lastly I'm writing some tests with Pytest
1:05 to automate that.
1:07 Meaning in Postman we can test the API
1:10 but it's all manual.
1:11 So in the last step I use Pytest
1:13 and API Star's test client to write some tests
1:18 so that we can just run the tests automatically
1:20 every time we make a change.
1:22 Finally the last two days you will build your own API
1:25 with some data sets I point you to.
1:28 And you put into practice the concepts
1:30 you've learned in these videos.
1:32 There's a lot to learn.
1:33 There's a lot of interesting stuff
1:34 you can take away from this module.
1:36 So let's dive straight in. Good luck.