#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 5-8: HTML and HTML5
Lecture: Your-turn

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0:00 This wouldn't be a 100 Days of Code course if you didn't get a chance to write a decent amount of code yourself.
0:07 Now, we may be stretching the definition of code here a little bit when we talk about HTML but in this context I think it kind of counts.
0:15 We're going to talk about what you get to do for the next three days after watching the videos. So, how do we get started?
0:22 Well, you start out by watching the videos and since this one comes last you probably have done that. Maybe you're skipping ahead.
0:28 So go back, watch the videos if you haven't already done that. This should take you, occupy you for a day, about.
0:34 Now, we're going to do something really fun. You saw us recreate Yahoo before. Now, we're going to create another early version
0:42 of one of these tech giants, Google. So you can see here, we've got the Google home page circa 1998. Yeah, it's built with tables and center tags
0:51 and all that badness. It's really quite simple. So, what your job is going to be is to recreate something that looks roughly like this.
0:59 So, I would say go back here to this link and go to the 1998 version and download this picture here. But the rest of it you can just do
1:08 with straight HTML and tables. Yeah, that's right, tables. We didn't talk about tables, so here's a little quick example of how you do tables.
1:16 You just need a table with three columns. One here, here and here. Actually, the Google page, that's a table row with column span three.
1:25 You can do that or you just put it out there as a div. That might be a little bit better. So, this will be great.
1:31 You can rebuild this over days two and three. And then for day four, you're going to add a registration and sign in, log in page, if you will.
1:38 However detailed you want to get there. Basically, imagine Google not like it was but like it is, where you have to create an account.
1:45 So, you're going to create a login form with the right validation and all of that kind of stuff just like we did. That's it!
1:52 You've got three days of playing with HTML and maybe some really rudimentary styles. Hopefully, you have fun on this retro tech tour
1:59 and playing with this older HTML with of course, HTML5.

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