#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 5-8: HTML and HTML5
Lecture: Yahoo, circa 1996

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0:00 You want to see what Yahoo was like back in 1996?
0:04 Here we are in the Wayback Machine.
0:06 You can see all the different versions of Yahoo
0:08 that have been saved and we come down here
0:09 about a week after the launch
0:10 and let's just click on that and see what we get.
0:13 Well, there we have it.
0:15 The little image at the top didn't come through.
0:17 That's okay, we're not going to model that.
0:19 Anyway, so here's our Yahoo
0:20 we have a new, and a cool, and the brand at the top
0:24 and the news, and more Yahoo
0:26 and then we just have a listing
0:27 like, here's all the arts and humanities
0:30 and here's education, or if you want K12, you go in here.
0:33 And this is basically a Yellow Page of the internet
0:36 put together by actual humans going around
0:38 and looking for stuff that's cool and categorizing it.
0:41 And this literally predates search engines
0:43 and Google, and things like that, it's pretty wild.
0:45 But notice the HTML is really quite simple.
0:48 So what we're going to do
0:50 is we're going to go and reproduce this pretty well actually
0:53 with almost no styles
0:55 no style sheets for sure 'cause
0:56 that didn't exist back then.
0:59 So we're going to get this and we're going to built this
1:00 it'll be quite a bit of fun.
1:02 So you can go find it in the Wayback Machine
1:05 if you want to try this
1:06 we'll talk about your turn chef when we get to it later.
1:10 We're going to build this cool little website
1:11 and learn a little bit of HTML 5 while we're doing it.