#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 5-8: HTML and HTML5
Lecture: Our editor for this chapter: WebStorm

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0:00 A quick comment about editors before we start writing some code. In this chapter, you're going to see me using an editor WebStorm.
0:08 This is from JetBrains. Now, I really like the JetBrains set of IDEs. You'll see they do great work around working on HTML
0:17 and CSS and JavaScript and all the stuff have to do with the web. Noe, if you don't want to use WebStorm, that's totally fine.
0:23 Here I'm going to use WebStorm. I'm also later when we get to the Python framework use PyCharm, which basically has most of WebStorm in it
0:31 plus also, it has Python capabilities. If you don't want to use WebStorm but you want to have some of the cool editor tricks
0:38 that we're going to do, probably your best bet is Visual Studio Code. So you can try that, as well but I'm a big fan of Web Storm and PyCharm.
0:45 So I'm going to be using those. And just want to give you a heads up of what's sort of compatible out there that's also free.

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