#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 5-8: HTML and HTML5
Lecture: HTML is easy right?

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0:00 You may be thinking, what is there to HTML?
0:02 It's pretty easy, right?
0:04 I mean, here's Yahoo.
0:06 We could write that up in some really simple HTML.
0:09 In fact, here it is in 1996.
0:11 If you go to the Wayback Machine
0:13 this is the front page of Yahoo
0:15 and basically it's like a Yellow Pages of websites.
0:18 It wasn't really a search engine.
0:19 It was like a bunch of people just going
0:21 around the internet going
0:22 "That's interesting.
0:23 "We'll add it to Yahoo."
0:24 Totally crazy.
0:26 One of the demos we're going to do during this chapter
0:28 is we're going to rebuild this site
0:29 almost exactly like this with no CSS.
0:33 Very, very little styles, just pure HTML.
0:35 So yeah, pretty simple.
0:37 Kind of blows my mind that's a $100 billion company
0:39 at their peak, but there it is.
0:42 That's Yahoo. So, the web is simple, right?
0:44 Well, it was, it was simple.
0:48 It's getting a lot more interesting, a lot more complex.
0:51 As people go from building documents on the web
0:54 that are linked to building applications
0:57 that are on the web that are responsive
1:00 that are progressive, that do interactive things
1:03 like this Turo site here.
1:05 So, Turo is a place, kind of like Airbnb for cars.
1:08 And these are private car listings that you can rent.
1:12 Get a Ferrari, a 2007 Ferrari, for just $695 a day.
1:17 Pretty awesome.
1:18 So this is a really cool site, very nicely done.
1:20 It's beautiful, but it's also highly interactive
1:23 with the map, with the progressive infinite scroll stuff
1:26 going on and whatnot.
1:28 So I would bet that this HTML is not quite that simple.
1:32 We're going to focus on building a good foundation
1:35 talking about some of the modern features
1:36 like HTML5 and so on.
1:38 So that you can build apps more like this, less like that.