#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 5-8: HTML and HTML5
Lecture: HTML Chapter Intro

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0:00 It's time to lay the groundwork
0:01 for so much of this course.
0:04 When we talk about Django
0:05 when we talk about Pyramid
0:06 when we talk about Flask
0:07 and all these other frameworks
0:08 we're going to be using HTML through and through.
0:12 Sometimes JSON, but a lot of the time
0:14 we're going to be using HTML templates
0:16 and we're going to talk about that foundation right now.
0:19 Now, you may be thinking, oh, what is there to HTML?
0:22 I know this.
0:23 We've got paragraphs, we got BRs for line breaks
0:26 header, body, done.
0:28 Well, even if you know HTML pretty well
0:31 I encourage you to watch this chapter.
0:33 It's going to be pretty short.
0:34 We're going to build two interesting applications
0:36 and we're going to show you a couple of cool editor tricks
0:39 and other techniques to be really effective with HTML.
0:42 We're also going to talk about HTML forums
0:45 some of the client side validation and good stuff like that.
0:49 So if you're really familiar with HTML
0:51 go ahead and just watch the video
0:52 and maybe skip the hands-on section
0:55 but if you're not, if you're a little unsure
0:57 your HTML skills are not quite up to par
1:00 well, we're here to strengthen them up
1:02 and get you ready for the rest of the course.
1:04 Now let's get to it.