#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 1-4: Flask Intro
Lecture: Your Next 4 Days

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0:00 Alrighty, before we get started
0:02 let's have a quick look at what we're going to be doing
0:04 over the next four days.
0:06 The first day is going to be watching videos.
0:09 How lucky are you guys?
0:11 This is all about setting up your first Flask app.
0:16 In the package format
0:17 go through the videos starting at the initial setup video
0:21 and work your way through to creating your app
0:23 and then configuring your Flask end file.
0:28 That's where I'd like you to draw the line.
0:30 Try not to do too much. The reason I say this is
0:33 this is the 100 days of code challenge.
0:36 You do not want to get burnt out by doing
0:38 four or five hours of straight code
0:40 in your first day.
0:41 The idea behind the challenge, again, 30 to 60 minutes.
0:45 Limit yourself, maintain that motivation and focus.
0:49 So watch the videos have a little bit of a play
0:52 but don't do too much.
0:53 You don't want to get burnt out.
0:54 Day two, watch the second half of the videos.
0:59 Now these videos from day two will actually continue
1:03 what you did in day one
1:04 and this time we'll extend on the application
1:07 and then create a standard template
1:11 that will flow across all the pages on your website
1:14 or in your Flask app.
1:16 That's actually a really important concept of Flask.
1:19 Very useful, so make sure you master that one
1:23 and then when you are done, again
1:25 try not to do too much
1:27 because you've got days three and four to play.
1:31 That's going to be a lot of fun for you.
1:34 It's free form.
1:35 I don't want to make it too difficult.
1:36 I don't want you to burn yourself out again.
1:38 Just have a play.
1:39 This time for three and four I would like you to actually
1:43 create your own app.
1:45 So start from scratch.
1:46 Get rid of everything that we've done
1:48 just push it to the side.
1:50 Try not to look at it.
1:51 See if you can create your app.
1:52 Obviously, reference it where you have to
1:54 but create everything yourself.
1:57 Create your own base HTML file
1:59 get some basic CSS in there
2:02 make it pretty, and just have some fun with it.
2:05 And that's it!
2:06 So, move onto the next video.
2:08 Get cracking on day one
2:10 and work your way through these days
2:12 referencing this Read Me file if you need to.