#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: PyBites code challenge platform

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0:00 In this video I want to introduce
0:02 you to the PyBites Code Challenges Platform.
0:06 If you head over to codechalleng.es
0:09 you're presented with this home page.
0:11 We designed our Code Challenges platform
0:13 because we are strong believers
0:15 in learning by doing and the best way
0:17 to learn python is to write a lot of code.
0:22 First, let's log in with GitHub.
0:27 When you log in you're redirected
0:29 to the dashboard.
0:31 You have a leaderboard
0:32 the bites you have earned
0:34 but what's relevant
0:35 for this course is that we have
0:36 100 Days Of Python section.
0:38 If you go there, there are a couple
0:40 of grids and to follow along
0:42 with this course we made
0:44 a talkpython_web template.
0:50 And here you see all the course materials
0:53 spread out over a 100 days.
0:58 You can start the 100 days
1:00 by clicking start button.
1:04 This will create a project
1:06 or as we like to call it, grid
1:09 and every day you can Tweet out
1:10 your progress and mark items complete.
1:15 The Tweet is already formatted
1:17 to show the work you are going to do today
1:19 #Python, the day number
1:22 and copy in @pybites and @talkpython
1:25 so that we are notified on Twitter.
1:29 Then you can mark the items complete.
1:35 This way you're working towards
1:37 100% completion of the course.
1:39 This is totally optional
1:41 but we noticed that having a tracker
1:43 can be very efficient to persist
1:46 and the Tweeting part is a nice
1:48 way to share your work
1:50 and to work with accountability partners.
1:54 A great way to share your progress
1:55 is to join our Slack community.
1:58 There are some great Pythonistas
1:59 there sharing the work
2:01 and you can always ask questions
2:02 if you get stuck with the course.
2:05 To join our community, just head over
2:07 to settings, confirm your email
2:11 and use the join PyBites Slack button.
2:19 By default you will join the
2:20 code challeng.es and the general channel
2:23 but we also have 100 Days of Code channel
2:27 which is a dedicated channel for people
2:30 taking a challenge.
2:34 Well, that's that.
2:35 We hope you enjoy the course
2:37 and use our platform to stay on track.
2:40 Have fun and learn a lot of python and web.
2:44 Keep calm and code in python.