#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Git the source code

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0:00 It's really important that you get
0:01 the source code for this course.
0:03 A lot of the projects start with existing code
0:06 or existing data
0:07 and you're going to need to build on top of it.
0:09 And of course, where do we put the code?
0:11 We put it on GitHub.
0:12 You can find it over at
0:13 github.com/talkpython/100daysofweb-with-python-course.
0:19 So let's go over there
0:20 and see what you'll find when you get there.
0:23 Here's the GitHub repo for our project.
0:25 First thing you need to do is go and star this and fork it.
0:28 So you're going to want to fork this repository
0:30 so that you have it with you
0:31 and you can make changes to yours
0:33 and also star it just so you have a quick reference.
0:35 Then you're going to want to download it somehow.
0:37 Either click here and copy the clone URL
0:41 and just clone it with Git, if you're familiar with that.
0:43 If for some reason you don't want to mess with Git
0:45 that's fine, just grab that gear
0:46 and just download the ZIP file.
0:47 Git's a little better 'cause you can do a Git pull
0:49 and then update it if we make any changes.
0:51 Of course, a ZIP file's probably just fine.
0:54 You can always update that as well.
0:55 Now the most important part is the days.
0:57 So here you can see these are the four day projects
0:59 that we've talked about.
1:01 So here we're going to talk about Flask
1:02 and then HTML5, and then CSS basics
1:05 and things like that.
1:06 Let's jump into the CSS one to see what's there.
1:09 Told you it's important to start with this
1:10 because there's existing code to work with
1:12 and one of the things you do
1:13 is work with this thing called Selectorville
1:16 to play with CSS selectors.
1:18 It's like a little app that lets you type
1:19 CSS selectors into it and it'll generate
1:22 changes in the page, basically.
1:24 Then, the most important part is your turn.
1:26 As you know, you're going to be writing some code
1:28 in this course. Here's where you go.
1:30 So you come in here and it just talks about
1:32 the various stuff that you've done
1:33 kind of like the flow we discussed in the beginning.
1:35 Day one you just watch the videos
1:37 day two you play with Selectorville
1:40 that's the thing you just saw next to this folder.
1:42 So you're going to go play with that.
1:44 It talks a little bit how to do that.
1:45 On day three, one of the things we did in these videos
1:48 is build out a custom navigation.
1:49 So it says, "Hey, why don't you try to recreate
1:52 "the talkpython.fm, the podcast navigation bar up here?"
1:56 Like this, just this top black box.
1:57 So it talks about here's how you do it
2:00 and here's some of the tools for it
2:01 and then finally, the fourth day for this one
2:03 is to play with Bootstrap Themes and finally
2:05 share what you've learned.
2:07 So make sure you get the code
2:08 because each four day project will be something like this.