#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Need a Python primer?

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0:00 You inevitably will learn a ton of Python during this course. But, it is not a beginner course. This course is supposed to teach
0:08 you web development in Python assuming that you basically know Python. Now, you're going to be able to follow along
0:16 if you don't know absolutely everything like, if you couldn't bust out Metaclasses just off the top of your head no problem, don't worry about it.
0:23 We'll talk a little bit about the features as we use them and of course repetition you'll learn a bunch from that as well.
0:29 But, when you think about the Python language when you look at it if it's a little unclear it's a little hazy, maybe you don't remember all the details
0:37 of exactly how it goes maybe you don't know much about it you just played with it a bit don't worry, we've got something to clear things up for you.
0:45 At the end of the course we've added a Python primer. So here's 46 minutes of little concepts that show you how each of these core ideas
0:53 in Python works. Two minutes on classes Two and a half minutes on slicing one and a half minute on if else statements and things like that.
1:01 So if you're a little rusty or a little blurry on the Python language you know, be sure to jump to this appendix at the end
1:07 get a little refresher and then jump into the main course content.

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