#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Meet your instructors

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0:00 Hello and welcome to the course.
0:02 My name is Bob Belderbos
0:03 and I'm a software developer at Oracle
0:05 and co-founder of PyBites, a blog, community
0:08 and platform that teaches Python
0:10 via practical real world code challenges.
0:13 I'm honored and excited to teach you Python
0:16 and web development in this course.
0:18 My programming journey started 12 years ago
0:20 learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to build websites.
0:25 I've been hooked ever since.
0:27 Programming for the web is awesome
0:29 because the browser gives you instant feedback
0:31 as you can easily get users to run your code.
0:34 My more recent work includes building our PyBites platform
0:38 using Django, AWS Lambda and Heroku
0:41 all technologies you will learn in this course.
0:44 Good day everyone this is Julian Sequeira.
0:46 As with Bob I am the co-founder
0:48 of PyBites and Code Challenges.
0:50 And currently I'm a new Python developer
0:53 at Amazon Web Services, very exciting.
0:56 And last but not least I am a trainer
0:58 here on Talk Python Training.
1:00 I'm absolutely stoked to be sharing
1:02 your 100 days journey with you.
1:04 Please don't get sick of me but I'm here to help.
1:06 So if you need anything you always feel free to reach out.
1:09 Hey welcome to the course.
1:10 I'm Michael Kennedy, nice to meet you.
1:12 A little background on me, I'm primarily a web developer
1:15 as well as the founder of the Talk Python To Me podcast
1:18 and Talk Python Training.
1:19 I've been a professional developer for 20 years
1:22 and I'm really excited to share that experience
1:23 that I've gained with you throughout this course.
1:26 Welcome to the 100 Days of Web in Python.