#100DaysOfWeb in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Why Python for #100DaysOfCode

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0:00 So you've chosen Python for your 100 Days of Code project in this 100 Days of Web. Well I'm here to tell you that you've chosen wisely.
0:10 Look at this picture. One of these languages is unlike the other. Can you pick it out? Of course, Python is growing super super fast
0:21 and this graph is not just some random thing I found on the internet. This is a report done by Stack Overflow which has some of the better insights
0:29 into the developer space. Here you can see the red graph is the actual usage up to 2018 this report was done a little while ago
0:36 but I think it's still totally relevant. And the gray part is the projecting out. So if you look at Python it is just set to dominate the industry
0:45 in terms of programming languages. JavaScript has been really really popular as well but guess what?
0:50 It's topping off, you know it's not quite going down but it's not really growing that much. You look at Java, Flat, the rest of 'em are going down.
0:59 So if you had to pick somewhere to build your skills and to jump into this technology space would you rather be in a growing space or shrinking space?
1:08 You know, my rule of thumb is I like to bet my career on things that have positive derivatives are going up, they're not going down.
1:16 Okay so, this is cool it's really popular amongst the old school traditional languages if you will the ones that have been around 10, 20 or more years.
1:24 You might be thinking well Rust and Go, I heard they're hot. And Swift is pretty cool and all those things so how does Python compare to those?
1:31 I bet they're even more awesome and they're probably going up even faster. Well, I have a graph for that too. Here's how it compares to things like
1:38 Swift and TypeScript and Go and so on. Yes all of these languages are generally going up but even so they're nothing like Python.
1:47 The usage is not like Python nor is the rate of increase like Python. So Python's pretty special and I think this is a really great
1:55 framework for building web applications and other types of apps and I think it's a super super good skill to have in your skillset.

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