#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Thanks and goodbye

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0:00 You made it to the end, congratulations. I hope you had as much fun inspiration as we had preparing the course
0:08 and you got practice on a lot of different topics which you can now take to the next level. And I hope that you keep using Python in your daily work.
0:17 Feel free to reach out on Twitter and share what you're working on and good luck on your further Python adventure. Congratulations on completing the
0:25 #100DaysOfCode in Python. This is a huge milestone and huge achievement so you should be very proud. It's important though to continue coding.
0:34 Don't let this be the end. Make sure just like with any other skill you keep practicing, you keep coding,
0:40 and you keep working on it and you'll only get better. So we look forward to seeing all the cool things you come up with going forward.
0:46 Make sure to ping us on Twitter and Facebook and wherever else you can think to message us. As I've said in the course, keep calm and code in Python.
0:55 Thank you for taking our course. It was a pleasure to put it together for you. We hope you accomplish amazing things with what you've learned here.
1:02 If you enjoyed the course, please share it with your coworkers and friends on social media. Thanks and goodbye. Thanks and goodbye. Thanks and goodbye.

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