#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Continue to challenge yourself with PyBites

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0:00 Finishing the 100 Days of Python is both
0:03 an ending and a start of a great Python journey.
0:07 We encourage you to go to PyBites
0:10 and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.
0:13 And keep an eye on the articles, news and code challenges
0:17 we launch on our website.
0:19 We are here to teach you Python.
0:21 Of course, we are learning Python ourselves.
0:24 It's a never ending journey,
0:26 and we're super passionate about it.
0:28 And we are not planning to stop any time soon.
0:31 So, we hope to salute you at PyBites.
0:34 Additionally, a couple of months ago,
0:36 we launched Code Challenges,
0:38 where we integrated a year of blog challenges.
0:41 And we also launched a new line of Bites of Py,
0:44 which are smaller exercises you can code up in a browser.
0:47 We are stoked about this platform.
0:49 It's not only teaching you programming and Python,
0:52 it also shows how to do it in the most Pythonic way.
0:55 And we are rapidly expanding this platform
0:58 adding bites and code challenges.
1:00 So this is a great way to keep up the momentum you gained
1:03 throughout this course
1:04 by keeping calm and code in Python,
1:07 every single day.
1:09 Good luck and we hope to see you there.