#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Stay immersed in Python

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0:00 Now that you're just about to complete this class,
0:02 I want to give you a couple of resources
0:04 to help you dig deeper
0:05 and connect further with the community.
0:08 First of all, the Talk Python to Me podcast.
0:10 You probably know this podcast,
0:11 maybe you subscribe to it but if you don't,
0:14 head over to talkpython.fm and check out the podcast.
0:18 You will the hear the stories and the people behind
0:21 so many of the projects that you worked with.
0:23 You want to hear about SQLAlchemy?
0:26 Well, I had Mike Bayer on the show,
0:28 who was the guy who created it and continues to maintain it.
0:30 Want to learn about contributing to open source?
0:32 I did a whole panel on that.
0:34 Looking to get your first job in Python?
0:36 I actually did a two episode, 12-person panel,
0:40 both people who just got their jobs
0:42 and who are hiring managers.
0:45 Whatever it is you want to dig deeper
0:47 into in Python and the community,
0:49 you can probably find it over here.
0:52 Also, stay up on the latest news,
0:53 check out my other podcast Python Bytes.
0:55 Over at Python Bytes, Brian Okken and I
0:58 share the latest headlines and news
1:00 in what's hot and what's happening in the Python space.
1:03 A great way to keep up on new packages in libraries
1:06 that maybe you haven't heard of.