#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Make sure you have the source

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0:00 Right now, you're certainly familiar
0:01 with the GitHub Repository.
0:03 That's where all the instructions and the starter code
0:05 and the data and what not has been for
0:08 all the 100 Days projects.
0:10 But I still want to emphasize one more time:
0:13 maybe you haven't starred, maybe haven't forked this,
0:15 I want you to at least go to GitHub and start
0:18 and probably fork it,
0:19 so you have a permanent history of this.
0:21 You've done 100 days!
0:23 You've gone on this entire journey.
0:24 Make sure you take the source code with you.
0:26 I'm sure you'll find it useful down the line.