#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: What you've learned

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0:00 Now, let's just take a moment
0:01 and reflect upon what you've learned,
0:03 what you've gotten in this course.
0:06 If you've done every one of the 100 Days projects,
0:09 you have done an incredible amount.
0:11 And it's easy to think, well these
0:13 are just small little things, little tiny projects.
0:16 But that's really the secret of software development,
0:19 is it's just the sum of many, many small projects.
0:23 It's not this grand skill that
0:25 somehow you acquire eventually.
0:27 Rather it's, well, what 50 little things
0:29 do I actually need to know in order
0:32 to build this website or that mobile app,
0:34 or this other IoT thing, whatever it is you want to build?
0:38 I'd think you've learned so many little things
0:41 that are going to add up to
0:43 be really, really powerful for you.
0:45 And I just want you to keep this ethos,
0:47 this I'm going to learn one little thing every day going.
0:50 Because one little thing every day
0:52 continuously will put you right
0:54 at the top of the software industry,
0:56 and that's a super-fun place to be.
0:58 But you have learned so much,
1:00 I don't really want to go through all
1:01 of the details and call them out,
1:03 but you know, you work with databases,
1:05 emails, websites, APIs, and so on and so on.
1:10 So just take a moment and reflect upon how far
1:13 you've come and how many things you have gained,
1:15 but most importantly, just keep learning
1:18 one thing a day, and it'll do amazing things for you.