#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Day 100
Lecture: The final day

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0:00 Wow, look where you are!
0:02 It's Day 100.
0:03 This is literally the last day of your #100DaysOfCode.
0:08 Congratulations, it's time to freestyle!
0:10 You've earned a little bit of freedom.
0:12 So is there some project that you've worked on so far
0:15 that maybe you didn't finish, you really wanted to?
0:17 Go back and finish that one.
0:19 Is there some derivative type thing you want to create?
0:22 Like maybe you'd like a web version of The Wizard game?
0:25 Then go build that.
0:27 Of course it's your time to freestyle,
0:28 so if you would rather just go do something
0:30 totally different, something you wanted explore
0:33 as part of this journey, here's your final day
0:35 to go work on that project.
0:37 Whatever it is you want to do.
0:38 You've earned this, go have fun
0:41 and celebrate this by working for the final day
0:43 on something you're super excited about.