#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 97-99: Building JSON APIs
Lecture: Your turn: Day 2

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0:00 On the second day, you'll create the web services. What are the various operations
0:07 you're going to need to do? You'll probably have a create and find user, a game status, top scores, play round, that kind of seems like it, but think
0:15 about how you want that game to play if you chose something other than Hi-Low, well, then I can't really guess, I can't really help you.
0:21 You don't need to write any client code, you can just use Postman right here then you can get it right there. Of course, you use Postman like we did
0:29 to get it entirely working. Remember, by the time we even created our client code, we never touched the web app again, it was totally working,
0:37 and that's partly 'cause I had prepared a few of the tricky bits beforehand, and that's also to a large degree 'cause we tested it out with Postman.

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