#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 97-99: Building JSON APIs
Lecture: Your turn: Day 1

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0:00 That was a big one, wasn't it?
0:01 Quite a bit of stuff we covered there
0:03 but I hope it was worth it.
0:04 I hope you really feel like you have
0:06 this great, cool power.
0:08 What I would like you to attempt with whatever
0:10 time you have remaining for these 3 days,
0:13 make it as far as you can, if you don't
0:14 get done like, no big deal.
0:17 Try to create a game, kind of like we did,
0:20 but do it remotely.
0:22 Set it up so you that you can play a game
0:26 and people can have their high scores
0:27 and a record of the game and a history and so on,
0:31 players that can come back and resume
0:33 playing other games and so on.
0:35 If they get some kind of ranking or something right,
0:37 like experience or points.
0:40 One game I had in mind, it's really simple.
0:42 Simpler than what we were doing by quite a bit
0:45 that you could work on is the high,
0:47 low or guess that number game.
0:49 Just goes like this, what's your name?
0:50 Pick a number between 0 and 100.
0:52 50, too high.
0:53 30, too high.
0:54 10, too low.
0:55 15, too low.
0:56 19, boom, you win.
0:58 Simple game and you don't even have to write it.
1:00 The whole thing actually exists right here,
1:02 you can grab it but your goal is to move this logic
1:05 and the persistence to the server.
1:07 So hopefully this is a simpler version
1:09 of what we talked about.
1:11 In addition to watching the videos today,
1:14 if you have extra time, take this high, low game
1:17 or some other game you want to do
1:18 and add database persistence to it.
1:21 Feel free to borrow heavily from the code that we dropped
1:25 in there as well on this one, right?
1:26 You've got to, remember you've got to create the sequel
1:28 off of your base, you've got to define the classes,
1:31 you've got to create the factory, you can just copy
1:33 that stuff over, change the names of the classes
1:35 in the columns 'till it works for you.
1:37 Okay, so that should be pretty quick,
1:40 if you rob the code from a previous day
1:43 that you've already done.