#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 97-99: Building JSON APIs
Lecture: Exercising the API

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0:00 Alright, we have the stubs for our APIs in place.
0:04 And we're going to start focusing on
0:06 some of these that are easy.
0:07 For example, this all_rolls, this one is really easy.
0:11 top_scores, somewhat easy.
0:13 play_round, we're going to save that one for later.
0:15 But I've already sort of configured
0:17 Postman to deal with this.
0:19 So Postman is cool because you can create these groups,
0:21 like here I have Online RPS,
0:24 and here are all the operations,
0:26 and you can see GET, PUT, POST, POST, GET, GET, GET.
0:28 So if I go get_user, we have api/game/users/mark,
0:32 and you can see down here would find user Mark.
0:36 Come over here and say create_user,
0:37 the body's already set,
0:38 here's the user that didn't exist yet.
0:42 But if we do this,
0:45 response is would create user 200 okay.
0:49 So what we're going to do is we're going to
0:50 go through and work on these.
0:51 Let's start with all_rolls.
0:53 Right now we're getting would create all_rolls.
0:55 I think we're going to start knocking out
0:57 some of these simple ones, game_status, all_rolls,
1:00 new game, create user, these types of things.
1:02 And then the play_round and the top_scores
1:04 those are a little bit trickier.
1:06 But you'll see that we can configure these in Postman
1:10 like for example, this play_round is going to pass the body,
1:14 here's the game id, here's the user, here's the roll,
1:17 alright, so we're going to want to make sure
1:19 we have a user, we could create a user over here,
1:23 want to make sure we have, Michael for example,
1:25 so that other one would work.
1:27 Things like that. So we're going to use Postman to exercise
1:30 and get our API just right,
1:32 and then, then we're going to go write
1:34 the client side code that consumes it.