#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 94-96: Rich GUI apps in Python
Lecture: Your turn: Day 1

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0:00 Now comes the exciting part,
0:02 you get to write some code and
0:04 build a GUI in Python as well.
0:06 So here's the demos you've already seen from the videos.
0:11 And down here we have the various steps.
0:13 So a quick warning for Anaconda users,
0:16 I've heard some people say that
0:18 installing wxPython has been causing some
0:20 compatibility issues with their install of Anaconda,
0:24 actually I have no idea what they're really referring to,
0:26 but just consider using a plain old Python 3 environment,
0:30 or a separate virtual Conda environment.
0:33 Okay, today, Day N, we're going to start out
0:37 and mostly it's just about watching the videos
0:39 and learning the material you've already done.
0:41 So congratulations, you're basically done.
0:43 But let's take one little step along with,
0:47 I guess you would call it code, we're going to create
0:49 some files that contain code, anyway.
0:51 So create a new virtual environment, activate it,
0:53 this is pretty standard at this point, nothing special here.
0:56 You're going to install Gooey and Cookiecutter.
0:59 And just go ahead and make a program file,
1:01 because we're going to put some stuff in there,
1:03 that's where all the code is going to go,
1:05 just have one this time.
1:07 And just to make sure everything's hanging together,
1:10 inside your program file, just import Gooey at the top,
1:14 and maybe also import Cookiecutter and run it,
1:16 and just see that it exits with code zero,
1:18 no errors or anything like that.
1:21 This step here about pip install gooey and pip install cookiecutter,
1:24 this is fine on Windows and Mac OS,
1:26 but I did run into trouble trying
1:28 to get that to work on Ubuntu.
1:31 So I had to run this set of prerequisites
1:35 before I could even get it to install and build and so on.
1:38 So you want to make sure that you run these steps here
1:41 if you're on Ubuntu.
1:42 This is going to trigger and install wxPython,
1:45 which is what was causing the trouble,
1:47 that takes a long time on Ubuntu for some reason.
1:50 I mean, like 10 minutes for that
1:52 to just be on that one line.
1:54 But don't give up, eventually you'll get there
1:57 and then you'll be golden.