#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 94-96: Rich GUI apps in Python
Lecture: Demo: Where we are starting

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0:00 All right, let's jump right into writing some code. Now we're going to start with some already existing code.
0:06 In fact, you've seen the application we're going to write already, just in an entirely different form.
0:11 Remember way back when, for the movie search app, where we consumed JSON APIs? So this would be the 'set of days' base that we worked
0:20 with the JSON APIs. We're going to take that application, which was definitely just a terminal, text based interactive application,
0:29 and we're going to turn that into a Gooey app. So here you can see I've made basically a copy of those and I've changed it just a little bit.
0:37 We're going to open this in PyCharm, but before we do, let's just go over here and set up a virtual environment, like so, and we'll just all it venv
0:47 and we'll just drop this folder onto PyCharm. Now, while it's loading, notice over here, I have this starter search app in the file.
0:55 So this is the starter code. I'm going to leave it exactly as what you're about to see. I'm going to take this one and
1:01 evolve it into the final version. Alright, so let's go over here and get started. So I'll add the root, look over here,
1:08 and we'll pip install -r requirements.txt because we have a couple of things that we need for that application.
1:15 Namely, we really needed requests, right there. Later we're going to add more to this, but for now it's requests.
1:22 These files are red because they're not yet staged in Git, which we'll do shortly. Now I've changed this just a little tiny bit.
1:29 I've gone over here and I've added the ability-- Originally what we could only do was find by keyword, now we can also find by director
1:36 and we can find by IMDB code. So let's try to run this. So here's the command line addition. So let's search by director, I'll say Cameron,
1:50 so Avatar, that kind of stuff. There we go, Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire, Avatar, so our search is working, and this is finding all the ones
2:01 that James Cameron directed. Okay, so this is working just fine, and notice, right now we can pass it, or we can select
2:07 at the moment in this input mode, We can select whether or not it's a director, or it's the IMDB code, or when we started to fall through.
2:19 The last case is just a generic search here. So we're going to do a couple of things. The first thing we're going to look at is we're going to see
2:27 how do we make this a Gooey application? And then we'll package it all up. So we're not going to change the functionality
2:35 of this application hardly at all. In fact, we're going to more or less just leave it like it is,
2:40 but instead of getting the inputs from the user via these input statements here, we're going to get them from a beautiful Gooey.

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