#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 91-93: Database access with SQLAlchemy
Lecture: Your turn: Day 1

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0:00 Now you've seen SQLAlchemy in action,
0:02 it's your turn to put it in action
0:03 on whatever you want to build.
0:05 So, jump over here to the GitHub repository
0:07 and check out the SQLAlchemy section.
0:09 What we're going to start with is,
0:11 we're going to pick some application
0:13 that you've already built.
0:14 You're most of the way through this class,
0:16 so you should have a lot of apps.
0:17 You can pick one of the games.
0:18 You can pick another application.
0:20 It doesn't really matter.
0:22 And you're going to add database persistence to it.
0:25 And you're going to add the ability
0:26 to use that to run reports,
0:28 or keep sessions going across runs of the program.
0:32 Something to that effect.
0:33 So we're going to start out on the first day
0:35 by just really picking out an application,
0:37 and then creating a virtual environment and
0:40 installing SQLAlchemy.
0:42 We'll get this all set up.
0:43 If you get a program that can import
0:46 SQLAlchemy and run, then you're pretty much ready.
0:48 Today was mostly about just watching
0:51 the videos and learning.
0:52 So this is just to give you something to
0:54 start with the next day.