#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 91-93: Database access with SQLAlchemy
Lecture: Demo: The final game

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0:00 For the grand finale, let's just play one more game,
0:02 full-screen, not stuck inside of PyCharm there.
0:04 So we'll come over here, you can see
0:06 I have my virtual environment activated,
0:07 so I'll say python program, and in here,
0:09 we're already reading from that database.
0:12 I've got Michael's wins once, Jennifer
0:14 wins once, and computer.
0:15 Now, if I say Michael, it's going to go
0:17 and find that same player again,
0:18 and I'll just play some dragon, some dragon,
0:21 a little bit of lightning.
0:22 Am I doing, doing alright, I won that last round.
0:25 Let me try a little snake, and we'll finish it
0:27 off with some fire, five to zero, amazing.
0:30 Alright, now if I run it again,
0:31 you'll see, now I have two wins, Jennifer
0:34 has one win, computer getting crushed this time.
0:36 This is the game I built, and you can see
0:39 it wasn't totally easy to build up those relational classes
0:43 and so on, but it really wasn't that hard.
0:45 And we built our little separate database service,
0:48 our game service, code, so all
0:51 of our data access is contained
0:53 within just that little set of files.