#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 88-90: Home Inventory App
Lecture: Your Turn! - Fix the app

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0:00 Okay and that is it.
0:01 Hopefully by now you've got
0:02 a nice fully functional home inventory app going
0:05 and you learned something on the way, okay.
0:07 Especially with SQLite and with the generator
0:10 and whatever other cool little ways
0:13 you've managed to make this app your own.
0:15 I'm not going to bother going through any slides
0:17 for the finale of this lesson set,
0:20 just because we did go through
0:21 quite a lot of content.
0:23 What I will do is,
0:24 I will show you the ReadMe
0:26 one more time,
0:28 just so you know what you can do with this
0:30 if you haven't done it already,
0:32 is run yourself a GUI or a web interface.
0:36 I think that's the next logical step for this app
0:39 because it would be a lot of fun to be able
0:40 to bring up a website
0:41 and enter in your entire room into one form
0:45 and have it submitted to a database, okay.
0:48 So, this is your turn.
0:50 Obviously, go ahead and identify the pitfalls
0:53 and the bugs as per that video
0:55 and make them your own.
0:57 Solve them, resolve them.
0:59 See if you can turn it into something great
1:02 other than just a CLI app.
1:04 And that's your home inventory app.