#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 88-90: Home Inventory App
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 All right, for the next 3 days, creating this home inventory app, it's going to be a bit different to everything you've done so far and the reason is
0:08 is that we're not actually going to live code the app line by line because that would just be pretty boring and might take you forever.
0:16 So, take a look at this. This is the ReadMe. What I'd like you to do for the first day, I should say, is watch 3 videos.
0:27 Watch them, one about the main menu, the SQLite3 database access, and then scrubbing malicious data. Watch those 3.
0:35 That should take a significant amount of time, maybe 15 minutes or so, depending on how much time you have. And, after that, start visualizing
0:44 how you're going to form and write your own app. So after taking all of those things into account, how are you going to do this yourself?
0:52 Feel free to copy along and copy exactly what we've got in the repo, but obviously it will be more beneficial if you write this yourself,
1:00 taking guidance from what we have, okay? Get coding if you have the time. Remember, I know we're all short of time,
1:08 so if you don't have the time, don't worry if you can't get coding today 'cause these videos can be a bit lengthy.
1:14 But go ahead and code if you can, all right? Day 2, I'm going to walk you through an entire run-through of the app.
1:23 We're going to see how it functions, how everything works together to form the final product. Alright? And that's in the app demonstration video.
1:33 If you haven't already by this point, start coding up your own solution 'cause you've only got another day and a bit
1:38 until you have to move onto the next lesson. So, start coding your own app up. Again, take guidance where you need to, all right?
1:45 And on the last day, there's another video for you to watch. I'm not going to leave up to you just yet. Watch the pitfalls and bugs issues, okay?
1:56 That video. This is actually going to show you where the app fails, and there are quite a few points that fails because to make a fully functional,
2:04 bug-free app can take a fair bit of time, and that's part of the learning process, okay? I'm going to walk you through what fails,
2:12 and if you can, go through and see what you can fix, okay? They're all issues that you'll need to take into account
2:19 in your own app, so this is a worthy exercise, okay? And then if you're super quick, and you have even more time, we'll get it out of the command line.
2:28 See if you can give it a GUI or even a web interface, okay? And those are your 3 days, a lot of watching, a lot of coding.

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