#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 85-87: Fullstack web apps made easy
Lecture: Your turn: Day 3

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0:00 Finally, we're going to round this whole section out
0:03 by putting it all together.
0:04 You've built the UI,
0:05 you've built the data access layer and storage,
0:07 now, it's just a matter of making the UI come to life.
0:10 Is that form supposed to fill up with data when it loads?
0:13 Implement that.
0:15 Is the button supposed to do something when you click it?
0:17 Implement that.
0:18 Right, so, you'll double click on the designer,
0:20 it'll flip you over to the code here
0:21 and you just write the code that happens
0:23 when you click the button,
0:25 or when the thing loads, or whatever.
0:28 Just make your app come to life.
0:29 Fill the interaction pieces that you need,
0:31 and you should be done.
0:33 So if this is something you really enjoyed building,
0:35 and you think is kind of cool, you want to share,
0:36 be sure to publish your app.
0:38 You can share with a private link but be aware
0:39 if you change it ever so slightly,
0:41 that private link will expire.
0:43 So it's very, very touchy.
0:45 You could come up with a public link here if you'd like.
0:48 So this is what we came up with,
0:49 you can choose yours however you like.
0:51 All right, that's it.
0:52 I hope you enjoyed building this full stack web app the easy way.
0:55 Be sure to share it on Twitter and Facebook #100DaysOfCode,
0:58 and @mention both TalkPython and PyBites so we can
1:02 share in the glory of what you've created.
1:04 All right, get out there and build somethin' fun.