#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 85-87: Fullstack web apps made easy
Lecture: Your turn: Day 2

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0:00 Day 2, on the second day it's all about data.
0:03 So what we're going to do is going to
0:04 create a data table service,
0:06 so just go to the services and say +,
0:08 choose data tables, and then this thing down here
0:10 will pop up like this.
0:12 Create as many tables as you need up here,
0:14 define their schema, and you can even
0:16 enter down here some starter data.
0:19 For example, if it's something that's
0:20 kind of static or you just want a little data to start with.
0:23 That's great, remember no access from forms,
0:25 access from the server modules.
0:27 Once you have that you're going to need
0:28 a way to get that data down to your application
0:31 so go ahead and add a server module
0:33 and then define the functions that you're going to need
0:36 to send the data down.
0:37 You can look in the demo code
0:39 that I put in this repository in this particular day
0:42 if you want to see how we did the queries there.
0:45 It's pretty easy because they basically have
0:47 a commented section when you create a new server module
0:49 that shows you both how to use it on the client
0:51 and how to define it on the server,
0:53 so just follow along what they have in the comments.
0:55 Once you've got that going, that's Day 2.
0:57 You might want to just call those
0:58 functions from your main form
1:00 as a little test just to see that they're working
1:02 and then throw those away,
1:03 but that's what you did today, it's all about the data.