#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 85-87: Fullstack web apps made easy
Lecture: Document details form

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0:00 Alright, let's fix up this document details page.
0:02 I did a little draggy, droppy magic
0:04 to put title category and labels.
0:06 Labels and then another label to have their text
0:09 that will programmatically set in the contents here as well.
0:13 There's no point in you seeing me drag that over,
0:15 you would have done that a bunch.
0:16 So let's just go over here, and go like this.
0:20 Talk equals self.item.
0:24 In fact, I think we could probably go over here
0:26 and do a data binding if we really want.
0:29 This could be name.
0:35 This we're going to set in codes,
0:36 we're going to take that away.
0:37 This one we also, I think need to set in code.
0:41 This one we could add a data binding of contents.
0:44 We'll just run it and see how we're doing.
0:48 Click on one, boom.
0:49 How awesome is that?
0:50 There it is.
0:51 Okay, so really, really close.
0:53 We got to set those two cause we
0:54 don't want to transfer them over directly.
0:57 Maybe we could do the created category,
0:59 but we'll just do it in code.
1:04 Category is going to be doc of category.
1:09 From the category we'll get the name.
1:13 Oh, don't forget that's text.
1:15 Text, text, text.
1:17 The text here we're going to set that
1:19 to what we had in our item template.
1:27 Like that.
1:28 And, it'll be consistent I guess we'll say doc.
1:34 Okay, that should do it.
1:36 Maybe one thing really quick here.
1:38 Let's take this away, make this font a little bit bigger.
1:45 Same thing for the title, make it a little bit bigger.
1:49 Alright, let's run it.
1:51 Let's see, are we done?
1:52 Let's try the feed parser.
1:54 Wow that is cool, isn't it?
1:56 So document details here probably
1:58 got to line that up a little,
1:59 but we got this, here's your nice date.
2:00 It's under the documentation category,
2:03 and then, there it is.
2:04 Let's go find another. Let's go find the Higgs one.
2:06 There's the Higgs with a little bit of science stuff,
2:08 has the crystals and it's under science.
2:10 These are the things we search for
2:12 and it showed up over here.
2:14 Like Higgs.
2:16 Pretty amazing.
2:17 Let's go check out the day one read me.
2:18 There's the stuff about day times.
2:20 Okay, so our application is pretty much done.
2:23 I'm going to call it done.
2:25 This is really nice.
2:26 Of course, there's a lot more we can do.
2:28 We probably want to save this version,
2:30 and I'll call this final version.
2:32 You know I actually I have a really cool version history,
2:34 that you can publish and roll back versions,
2:37 all sorts of cool stuff, even clone it with git
2:40 which I'll do and put into the repository for you guys
2:43 to look at so you can look at the code
2:45 but you'll have to come back to Anvil to actually use it.