#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 85-87: Fullstack web apps made easy
Lecture: A refactoring

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0:00 Now, off scenes, behind the scenes, I've put a bunch more content into our little document server.
0:07 And when we run it our all forms shows all the documents, but I'd kind of like, at the front here, or home,
0:15 I like the recent, like the most three recent ones. So let's put the little thing like this, so it'll show the recent documents there.
0:24 Now, we're going to do again one of these repeating panels. Now check this out, let's go down here, and say, you know what, use this template
0:30 that we already had, right there. Notice how it's like this. All we have to do is put a different sent of documents,
0:37 and we'll have this thing totally written. How awesome is that? Let's do this. Like, a few seconds this page will be implemented.
0:47 Self.repeating_panel1. Don't love the name, but for now I'm going to go with it. Items is utilities.docs.
0:54 And let's just say, we'll just take the top three, use this twice, try that. That is incredible, isn't it? With literally one minute I wrote this page,
1:05 because I was able to reuse these components, both in code and draggy droppy style, and how awesome. Look, if I click on it, it even takes me
1:13 to the one that we clicked on. So this is super cool. We got our all documents view with all of 'em, and our home view, there.
1:21 And then, the last thing we want to do in this part is to basically let us search within here, if I type things like science,
1:29 or I type week, I want this to filter down. Let's do that now.

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