#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 85-87: Fullstack web apps made easy
Lecture: Subforms

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0:03 Now notice, if we were creating a top level item,
0:05 this might be good, maybe this,
0:06 but for stuff that's nested inside other forms,
0:10 then this blank panel is probably what we want.
0:15 Give it a name.
0:19 add_doc_form.
0:20 So this is going to be the one we'll see
0:21 for when we add a document.
0:23 Now for each one of these,
0:24 I'm going to put a title on them,
0:26 but I'll skip over in the next set,
0:28 so you don't necessarily need to see
0:30 how to put a title every time.
0:32 So we're going to put this over here,
0:33 and let's just put a nice little title,
0:35 called this label subtitle.
0:41 Make it a line center, make it bold,
0:43 make the font size 28 points,
0:46 and the text will be add a new document.
0:50 That's not going to change so we don't need to do any code,
0:52 but we want to be able to see what form do we have active.
0:56 So, we'll have this here.
0:59 Next up, we're going to add
1:06 a doc_details_form.
1:07 So once you click on a particular one,
1:09 we'll get that.
1:12 We want a place where we can filter
1:14 and see all the documents.
1:15 So let's create an all_documents_form.
1:21 Now you might think we're done.
1:22 We have our home_form,
1:23 we have the ability to add a doc,
1:25 go to doc_details and see all of them.
1:28 However, we also want to put something here.
1:31 And the way the interaction's going to work,
1:33 its better of what goes into this section,
1:35 even on the home page,
1:36 is encapsulated as one of these little sub-documents.
1:39 So, let's add one more here.
1:50 And for lack of a better name,
1:51 I'm going to use home_details_form here.
1:55 And there we have it.
1:56 We have all the forms and they have
1:59 a little bit of information on each one of them.
2:01 The next thing we need to do
2:02 is actually make this navigation work.