#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 85-87: Fullstack web apps made easy
Lecture: Subforms

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0:03 Now notice, if we were creating a top level item, this might be good, maybe this, but for stuff that's nested inside other forms,
0:11 then this blank panel is probably what we want. Give it a name. add_doc_form. So this is going to be the one we'll see for when we add a document.
0:24 Now for each one of these, I'm going to put a title on them, but I'll skip over in the next set, so you don't necessarily need to see
0:31 how to put a title every time. So we're going to put this over here, and let's just put a nice little title, called this label subtitle.
0:42 Make it a line center, make it bold, make the font size 28 points, and the text will be add a new document.
0:51 That's not going to change so we don't need to do any code, but we want to be able to see what form do we have active. So, we'll have this here.
1:00 Next up, we're going to add a doc_details_form. So once you click on a particular one, we'll get that. We want a place where we can filter
1:15 and see all the documents. So let's create an all_documents_form. Now you might think we're done. We have our home_form,
1:24 we have the ability to add a doc, go to doc_details and see all of them. However, we also want to put something here.
1:32 And the way the interaction's going to work, its better of what goes into this section, even on the home page,
1:37 is encapsulated as one of these little sub-documents. So, let's add one more here. And for lack of a better name,
1:52 I'm going to use home_details_form here. And there we have it. We have all the forms and they have a little bit of information on each one of them.
2:02 The next thing we need to do is actually make this navigation work.

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