#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 82-84: Data visualization with Plotly
Lecture: Third day: extra inspiration / keep coding

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0:00 Welcome back to the third and final day
0:02 of data visualization.
0:03 I hope you are making great progress.
0:06 And let me just share you one more pointer.
0:09 Randy Olson sends out very cool Tweets
0:13 about data visualization.
0:14 And here's his Twitter account.
0:17 And it's chuck-full of awesome visualizations.
0:24 So that's probably somebody,
0:26 if you like data visualization, who you want to follow.
0:29 And you can also look at the data
0:31 of his hashtag on Twitter.
0:40 Look at that, carots, very cool.
0:43 Right, so, apart from that, keep on coding.
0:46 Keep on using these cool libraries
0:48 that I've shown you in this lesson.
0:50 And don't forget to share your work.
0:52 You can use the hashtag #100DaysOfCode
0:55 and feel free to mention TalkPython and PyBites
0:58 in your Tweets. Good luck and have fun.