#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 82-84: Data visualization with Plotly
Lecture: Second day: build your own graphs

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0:00 Welcome back to the second day
0:01 of the data visualization lesson
0:04 and after the first day of theory and practical examples,
0:08 it's now time to roll your own and now it's going
0:11 to be fun be because you will be experimenting
0:14 with data and give it a nice representation.
0:18 If we head over to our code challenges platform,
0:21 there are a few challenges I have in mind
0:24 that will fit this purpose.
0:26 We have a few data challenges and we're going
0:29 to show you Marvel and PyBites first here in data.
0:34 Here are some data sets you can use in these challenges.
0:39 And for example for the Marvel data,
0:41 I came up with this quick graph
0:43 of comic book characters introduced every year.
0:46 And I used Bokeh for this and that's just one example
0:49 of a graph you can make of that data.
0:52 We did a code challenge about analyzing our data
0:56 and you're free to choose if that's Twitter data
0:59 or Github or anything PyBites related
1:03 and then make a data visualization of that data.
1:08 Another challenge is Bokeh integrating its chart into Flask.
1:12 I think that's a cool challenge
1:14 because not only do you have to make the data visualization
1:18 but also you have to integrate it into a web app
1:20 which makes it much easier to share it out.
1:22 Here are some data sets you can use.
1:27 For the rest, you're just free to make a nice visualization
1:31 and don't forget to pull request your work.
1:34 So if you want to follow along
1:35 with the code challenge platform, you can fork and
1:38 clone our repo and make a branch and
1:40 all the instructions are in here.
1:41 When you're done you can open
1:43 up a pull request via our platform.
1:45 So that's that for challenges.
1:47 Now get your hands dirty and tomorrow I will check in again
1:51 with you to give you some more pointers
1:54 and see how it's going.