#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 82-84: Data visualization with Plotly
Lecture: Lesson introduction

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0:00 Welcome back to the 100 Days of Python, Day 82, data visualization with Plotly. Coming three days, I will be your guide
0:09 teaching you how you can make beautiful plots in Python using this library. We're going to take some data from our PyBites blog
0:17 and I will show you how to first get that data in the right shape so it's easy to just hand it off to Plotly and make some cool graphs
0:26 that show some insights about what the blog is about, and hopefully that will inspire you to then roll your own, be it with Plotly,
0:36 or another awesome library, which I will mention, which is Bokeh, and yes, this will be a lot of fun. It's one of my favorite topics,
0:43 and having data visualization skills goes a long way. I mean, there's a lot of data out there, even more now with big data,
0:51 but if you can show it in a nice way, it's way more powerful. So, let's dive straight in and learn some new skills.

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