#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 79-81: Basic Database Access with SQLite3
Lecture: Installing SQLite DB Browser

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0:00 Let's get started.
0:01 The first thing I need you to do is open up your browser
0:04 and head to sqlitebrowser.org.
0:09 It's this website here.
0:10 And this is for a database browser for SQLite.
0:14 It's a sort of GUI, a graphical user interface,
0:17 that allows you to see the contents of your database.
0:21 And this is important because sometimes
0:24 when you're checking things on the command line,
0:25 it's quite difficult to figure out.
0:28 You get that visual representation
0:29 of the columns and how everything looks like in the table.
0:33 Looking at this screenshot here, this is a Mac screenshot.
0:36 You can see there's your table here called Total Members.
0:41 There's the different columns and so on.
0:44 Now, we're going to use this a bit later on, but this is
0:47 pretty much the only setup step you're going to need to do.
0:49 So go ahead and download it
0:51 for your operating system of choice.
0:53 I'm using Windows, obviously, and my one,
0:57 once installed, looks like this.
0:59 Okay, no database is actually loaded into it.
1:02 We can use the open database button here
1:04 to load one in once we actually have it.
1:07 But for now, just get it installed.
1:10 That's sqlitebrowser.org.