#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 79-81: Basic Database Access with SQLite3
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 All right, here's how we're going to break down these 3 Days on SQLite3 Databases. So to start off with you're going to install SQLite db browser.
0:12 All right watch the video on that, get it done. Then you're going to create your first database, or your first sqlite three database, anyway.
0:20 And that's going to quickly be followed by a script that generates a database for you. So I'm going to demonstrate that for you,
0:27 and it's actually quite useful so, enjoy that one. For Day 2, what I'd like you to start doing is inserting data into the address book.
0:38 Okay this is the address book database that you were going to create in Day 1. So Day 2 is, so Day 1 is going to be create the database
0:48 Day 2 is going to be insert data into the database, okay? And it's then going to quickly be followed up with
0:57 extracting that data, so pulling the data out with select. Okay, all that's explained in the videos. Now, Day three, what you're going to do is
1:10 apply everything you've learned into your own project. Okay, so by the end of Day 2 you'll have created
1:18 the address book and you'd be able to pull data out and insert data into it as you wish. So now, try and replicate that
1:26 with something else you can think of. Okay copy as much as you want. Remember the purpose here is to just practice
1:32 with the code and once you have that down if you still have time for Day three, figure out how to edit the data in the database, okay.
1:42 So a quick one here is we are inserting and extracting the data, we're not editing it. Okay we don't cover that in the video,
1:52 so that's a nice little stretch goal for you. So do your googling and play around with it and see if you can edit the data,
1:58 that's your challenge for Day three. And that's it, so those are really the basics of sqlite three, move on to the first video
2:06 and enjoy the next couple of Days.

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