#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 79-81: Basic Database Access with SQLite3
Lecture: A brief intro to SQLite3 Databases

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0:00 Welcome to SQLite 3 Databases. I'm Julian Sequeira and I'll be walking you through possibly one of the most fun and satisfying libraries
0:10 you'll deal with on your Python journey. I say that because at this point you'll be looking at persistent data, more so than just a simple text file
0:21 or what have you. SQLite 3 Databases allow you to actually use your SQL knowledge to give you self-persistent databases. It's as simple as that.
0:31 It's exactly what you expect if you've ever dealt with databases before and it's really, really simple.
0:38 So these three days you're going to be creating your first SQLite 3 database and then you'll be learning how to inject data into a...
0:48 Print the data out and I've also included a couple of really cool scripts that you should help you automate some
0:54 of your SQL journeys and also it should help you, help guide you through your SQLite 3 learning. So enjoy and get cracking.

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