#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 76-78: Getting Started with Python Flask
Lecture: Your 3 day overview

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0:00 This is the ReadMe for the course,
0:02 for the Python Flask introduction.
0:04 This is going to guide you through the next 3 days,
0:08 so obviously we have the videos coming,
0:11 but there are some little things you should know
0:13 before you get cracking, so looking at these days here,
0:18 the first thing you're actually going to do is set up
0:20 your environment and then create your first Flask app, okay?
0:25 It's quite simple.
0:27 You'll probably complete these very quickly,
0:29 but there are a few concepts that you should know,
0:31 so just follow along with the videos
0:34 and then play around with your Flask app.
0:36 What I'd like you to do on the first day
0:39 is start thinking about potential CLI scripts,
0:43 maybe apps that you've already written for the command line,
0:47 and then see how you can Flaskify them,
0:50 turn them into Flask apps.
0:52 Just have a think about that one.
0:54 For the second day, what I'd like you to do
0:57 is go through the videos, and you're going to be working
1:00 through dictionary data, how to pass that data
1:03 from your Flask app into your Jinja template.
1:07 This is very, very critical, so it's a good day
1:10 to dedicate just to that, alright?
1:13 And play around with that, see what else you can do with it.
1:18 If you want to dive into the more advanced functionality,
1:20 you can, with databases and whatnot.
1:24 But really, that is your Day 3,
1:26 so freestyle, go nuts.
1:29 The CLI app that you would've thought about on day one,
1:33 actually try applying Flask to it.
1:36 Try that on Day 3 and maybe throw in the database thing
1:40 that you probably played around with on Day 2.
1:43 So see what other cool advanced techniques
1:46 you can discover and learn with Flask,
1:48 and see what you can implement on existing apps.
1:51 That's your Day 3.
1:53 And with that, just pop on over to the next video.