#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 73-75: Automate tasks with Selenium
Lecture: Your turn: Day 3

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0:00 Welcome back.
0:01 This is the third day of the Python Selenium lesson.
0:04 I hope the exercise of yesterday
0:06 to test our little Django app was not too hard.
0:10 If you're still working on it, no problem.
0:12 I think it's a good workout so
0:14 then just use this third day to complete that.
0:18 If you're done or you're bored,
0:19 you want something else,
0:20 we looked at two core examples in this lesson,
0:23 Packt and automated banner generation.
0:26 Maybe you want to try those,
0:28 build them out,
0:29 or maybe even better scratch your own itch.
0:31 What are some of your boring stuff
0:33 that you can automate and write tools for?
0:35 Maybe you have a log in you want to automate to
0:38 your favorite site or social media,
0:40 retrieve some data,
0:42 or maybe even post some data.
0:43 The options are endless
0:45 and the best you can do is practice some more
0:48 because it's the practice with the new technology
0:50 that makes you a master
0:51 and it's also the most fun.
0:53 So enjoy and don't forget to share your work.
0:56 Use the #100DaysOfcode
0:57 and feel free to include @TalkPython
1:00 or @PyBites in your tweets
1:02 because we would love to see what you come up with.
1:04 Good luck and have fun.