#100DaysOfCode in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Days 73-75: Automate tasks with Selenium
Lecture: Your turn: Day 2

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0:00 Welcome back.
0:01 In this second and third day,
0:03 it's time to get more practice with Python Selenium.
0:06 Notice that Selenium is a super important tool
0:10 often used in addition to functional testing.
0:13 I've not really explained that or demonstrated that so far,
0:16 but you're going to just play directly with it
0:19 because I have a nice code challenge for you.
0:22 First, take a quick look at this documentation section:
0:26 Using Selenium to Write Tests.
0:28 Then head straight to our Code Challenge 32.
0:31 This is our first Django app we did.
0:33 So, we made a little scraper of Planet Python,
0:37 and made a app to keep track
0:39 of what we were sharing on Twitter.
0:41 That's basically a listing of articles
0:43 where we can say we shared 'em or we skipped 'em.
0:46 Very simple, but it has a login.
0:49 So, it's a nice app to do some testing on.
0:52 So, you'll be asked to log in, look at articles,
0:55 look at various states the articles are in.
0:58 Look at the HTML of the page, etc.
1:01 And the whole write-up is here.
1:03 And I think it's a great exercise
1:05 to practice more with Selenium.
1:08 And that's it.
1:09 Try to do that one today,
1:10 or even the third day if you lack time.
1:13 And, I'll see you tomorrow.